Spoiler Alert. No it is NOT !

I almost always write my B2B Buzz prompted by something happening or from something I read. Today’s blog was prompted by a Medium Blog

“Vertical Fintech is Reimagining Community Banking with the Help of Next-Gen Infrastructure.” From Emily Man of Redpoint Ventures, a good read by the way. https://link.medium.com/dI6XJi9Iqjb

Jim and Rachel in the picture above do not have the same needs from a Bank. They are both business people and might even have similar annual revenues Jim runs a service business while Rachel runs a retail shop.

Jim has to think about…

And Queen and the Whole Royal Court

If you are running a small business no one needs to tell you that Cash is King.

You live it every day as you try to collect income faster than you spend on goods and services. Good Luck with that.

I am writing about Cash Flow on B2B Buzz for the second time recently. The first time was prompted by Square’s announcement of a business bank account. This time it was prompted by a re-connection with a great entrepreneur, BC Krishna now of Centime perviously of MineralTree.

These truth bombs come from the Centime website and as a former controller…

Can you Fix B2B Payments with Some No Code | Low Code Tools?

You can not write bad code if you don’t write code. Today’s tech articles are filled with articles about No-Code and Low-Code “solutions.”

From Wikipedia the difference between the two is best described as:

No-code platforms are accessible to any end-business user while low-code platforms require developers with knowledge of coding languages who can work within a platform’s constraints to streamline the development process.

I will argue the ANY point in end-business user in Wikipedia’s otherwise great definition above. But I also have to say if the…

We spend more time reporting than it is worth.

Source: Float.com

If like me you travel (pre-COVID) 100K miles per year for business you know a disproportionate amount of your time is spent on tracking and filing your business expenses.

I am not picking on Capgemini per se, but when I was there, I fell a bit behind when I was new at the firm to the tune of about $15,000. Note I am not an excessive spender, I traveled to Singapore within my first 2 weeks of joining. I finally filed them with the outsourced (to Capgemini in India) expense team…

aka Cash Flow

Source: Medical News Today

Do a search on Organization Lifeblood and you will find many choices:

  • KPI’s and Metrics
  • Communication
  • Employees
  • Customers

I am going to argue all of these are very important but without Cash Flow there is no metrics to measure, tools to communicate or employees to pay. Today’s B2B Buzz was inspired by Square announcing yet another new product, seems almost weekly at this point.

Square Checking for Small Business.

Mercury an actual B2B Bank and there are others too… More than you know.

Source: The Great Courses

Mercury is thought to be the hottest planet as it is closest to the Sun. Mercury is also a hot Digital Only Business Bank but unlike planets where only one gets to be next to the Sun, there are actually a lot of Digital Only Business Banks and if VC funding is any indicator, they are all HOT !

Brex has recently been running ads touting Brex as a bank, not simply an expense management app with a card.

“The campaign targets SMBs with a ‘less…

Is it Inevitable?

When bankers and corporates talk about DeFi or Decentralized Finance it might seem like a very tense standoff between Protestors and Police with no room for discussion or compromise. Good news B2B Buzz readers, there is room for both sides in DeFi land.

First what is DeFi…

Decentralized finance (commonly referred to as DeFi) is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks to offer traditional financial instruments, and instead utilizes smart contracts on blockchains, the most common being Ethereum.” Source: Wikipedia

I like this icon…

Is that a thing?

I saw a story in Techcrunch about BNPL for B2B, obviously this had to be my next post for B2B Buzz. What shocked me the most was that there is more than one Fintech in this category. It seems to me this is simply accounts receivable or trade credit, but let’s dig in and see what BNPL for B2B is all about.

The headline that prompted me to write this blog post:

“Affirm spinout Resolve raises $60M for its B2B ‘buy now, pay later’ platform” Techcrunch Online May 25, 2021

For clarification:

“The main difference between…


The following headline from the Financial Times online article by Eva Szalay from their London bureau on May 6, 2021 caught my attention.

“Citi weighs launching crypto services after surge in client interest”

“Exclusive: Wall Street bank says trading, financing and custody all under consideration” source: FT.com

Citibank publicly announcing they are considering Crypto custody in 2021 makes me think maybe they have their own Marty McFly inside of Citibank that time traveled and showed the Citibank team what Crypto will eventually become.

Time travel aside, it takes very little imagination to see that Crypto is the future and that banks need to not be left behind. …

After Years of Underinvesting VCs now LOVE B2B

Having been in B2B for more than a few years, I always got frustrated telling everyone how big the market is…..and it is literally in the Trillions. (with a T). Credit Suisse’s excellent Payments report of January 2020 put it at $125 Trillion.

Well that all seemed to change recently (not clear exactly when) as now everyone is loving the CFO Stack or the B2B Payments Stack or…..call it what you want but acknowledge it is HOT !

Here is my own B2B payments stack and there are others but if you…

Dion F. Lisle

The Rosetta Stone between Legacy Banks and Fintech. My career is the culmination of working between the worlds of Fintech Innovation and Banks www.fortygrand.co

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