October 24th to October 27th is My Annual Fintech Geek Out !

It is that time of year, fall is in the air and my flights are booked for Las Vegas to go geek out on all the cool new stuff and catchup with old friends and make some new…

Small Businesses Need Personal Service + Digital

I was visiting some great Independent (aka Community Banks) this week and was thrilled to hear that one of them calls their service for SMB customers Concierge. …

A $20+ Trillion Global Opportunity with a CAGR of 18.7% from 2021 to 2028

I remember visiting Barcelona many years ago and seeing this incredible city center marketplace called “Mercado de La Boqueria” it was stunning in its’ breadth and depth. …

Spoiler Alert. No it is NOT !

I almost always write my B2B Buzz prompted by something happening or from something I read. Today’s blog was prompted by a Medium Blog

“Vertical Fintech is Reimagining Community Banking with the Help of Next-Gen Infrastructure.” From Emily Man of Redpoint Ventures, a…

And Queen and the Whole Royal Court

If you are running a small business no one needs to tell you that Cash is King.

You live it every day as you try to collect income faster than you spend on goods and services. Good Luck with that.

I am writing about Cash Flow on B2B Buzz for…

Can you Fix B2B Payments with Some No Code | Low Code Tools?

You can not write bad code if you don’t write code. Today’s tech articles are filled with articles about No-Code and Low-Code “solutions.”

From Wikipedia the difference between the two is best described as:

No-code platforms are…

We spend more time reporting than it is worth.

If like me you travel (pre-COVID) 100K miles per year for business you know a disproportionate amount of your time is spent on tracking and filing your business expenses.

I am not picking on Capgemini per se, but when I was…

aka Cash Flow

Do a search on Organization Lifeblood and you will find many choices:

  • KPI’s and Metrics
  • Communication
  • Employees
  • Customers

I am going to argue all of these are very important but without Cash Flow there is no metrics to measure, tools to communicate or employees to pay. …

Mercury an actual B2B Bank and there are others too… More than you know.

Mercury is thought to be the hottest planet as it is closest to the Sun. Mercury is also a hot Digital Only Business Bank but unlike planets where only one gets to be next to the…

Is it Inevitable?

When bankers and corporates talk about DeFi or Decentralized Finance it might seem like a very tense standoff between Protestors and Police with no room for discussion or compromise. Good news B2B Buzz readers, there is room for both sides in DeFi land.

First what is DeFi…

Dion F. Lisle

The Rosetta Stone between Legacy Banks and Fintech. My career is the culmination of working between the worlds of Fintech Innovation and Banks www.fortygrand.co

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